In this year the season of Motorollers Vespa officially will be opened on 19 May

This will be the third season of tradition, commenced by Vespa roller owners in 2010, which brings together Vespa rollers, to celebrate the return of summer, by moving in large group along city streets, participating in various funny activities.

Official opening of Vespa roller season will take place on 19 May, when Vespa rollers will start its journey towards summer of 2012 in unified parade. Gathering place of this year will be usual place – at Lielirbes street, near IndexCafe.

It is worth to remind that name of Vespa roller movement “Vespaspiets” (in English Wasp-cluster) is chosen with intention, because the word “Vespa” in translation from Italian means “wasp”. Tradition, established on August 2010, has gained positive intonation, great response – when in indolent atmosphere, enjoying it without a hurry, Vespa owners meet in one place. “Vespaspiets” initiators are sure that roller of this brand has strong character, like it is with VW Beetles or Mini, which also has its own fan groups. There is a reason, why Vespa roller was recognized as fashion icon. In the Baltic region there was established excellent communication with Lithuanian Vespa club, for which the opening of season in this year is exactly a week before Latvian opening of Vespa season.

In total in season of 2012 there are planned several interesting events, to which all Vespa owners will be invited, but the opening event of season is planned as the announcement to the beginning of annual season.

By commencing the new season, there will be issued special review of Traffic rules in compact form, where will be listed the most important rules in convenient format to achieve that roller owners are paying more attention also to safety on the road. Thereby the support for this movement is given also by “BTA Insurance Company” SE. “Every day there is lots of talking on and around high-power motorcycles and almost nothing on small cubage scooters, which also are traffic participants with significant numeric proportion, to which also are applied OCTA rules for now. Thereby we, as insurance company, are interested in supporting “Vespaspiets” activities, which are focusing on safe traffic and friendlier city environment,” tells Ilva Priedniece, Director of Marketing and Public relationships department of “BTA Insurance Company” SE.

Such type of moving can become as component of lifestyle in summer. And it definitely is more ecological, economical way and it has the gamut of exciting emotions. Everybody, who has Vespa roller, is invited to join “Vespaspiets”!



Follow the news:www.twitter.com/vespaspiets

Resources in Internet:www.vespaspiets.lv


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